The freshest Digital Agency is in town.

Kodeink Group was built to provide business solutions to every business. Although the main focus is to help Startups and SMMEs to amplify their growth, brands, increase cash flow, and have a strong online presence to able to accomplish their dreams and goals.

We help develop your brand from scratch or enhance it to add value to its customers and attract potential customers. We want to change the narrative of Small Businesses, the fact that they are indeed small ends up making them think small and never create a room for growth, even if they do grow, it’s slow because if they don’t reach multitudes of people, their customer pool will not increase and the cash flow will not increase, which is what’s needed to build a sustainable, surviving and prospecting business.

We offer solutions that suit any business at its stage, we offer tailor-made solutions to suit the specific business. Our core function is to add value to our customers which in turn adds value to their customers.