Quick tips for a tech internship interview

February 14, 2022 | Admin

So you just finished your qualification or at least at a point where you can get an internship, and you have done the first part of sending numerous applications, and you scooped an interview and you don’t know where to start. Well let’s see then.


1. Be prepared for the interview

Yes you might not know what they going to ask you maybe, but almost 70% of interview questions are standard, and you don’t have to answer them like a robot still, you’ll need to answer these questions as personal and professional as possible.

Secondly, whether you having your interview online on a video call or in person, dress appropriately, and look clean, you don’t have to rock up on a suit, just dress smart, it’s not a managerial position yet.

If you are having an online interview make sure your camera is cleaned and working, your mic is working perfectly and also your sound is on, you don’t want to start testing this during the interview, it will also make you look disorganized.

Most asked question in any interview:

  1. Tell us about your self?
    • A good strategy to answering this questions is a three part answer, that covers your background, your present and your ideal future. This answer is almost a winner, if you get this one right, then you have score yourself some good brownies, and it already gives the interviewers an idea of who you are in detail.
      • An example

I am a young and fresh graduate, I just finished my qualification in IT, I majored in Software Development, which I got exposed to various programming tools, like Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C#. I also enjoyed other subjects, like Business analysis, and Information Systems, it gave me an idea of the problems IT solves in business.

Currently, I am looking for an environment that would give me an opportunity to kick-start my career, get exposed into the industry, solve real problems, get mentored and up-skilled.

Finally, I would like to grow my skills more in Data Science later in my career, because I love making sense of things, reporting on findings, trends, and presenting information in an effective and nice way.

2. First Impression lasts

So assume your answer to the tell us about yourself questions was anything similar to the above example, at this point the interviewers are certain about where you come from, what you are looking for and what are your plans or aspirations.

They might not be sure they want to hire you yet, perhaps there’s already a space for you, but now you’ll have to show you can fit into their culture and environment.

This can be achieved by having a good attitude. Good attitude combined with clear direction and confidence can be a good key to unlocking a door.


3. Know what skills you want to grow in

Also this ties to the first question, being prepared and understanding your journey.

You don’t have to know exactly what you are looking for, but if you want to be in Software Development, at least do say that, and if you want to be in System Support be clear about that too.


4. Understand the questions before answering

It’s very important to understand the question before attempting to answer it, and if you didn’t hear the question, calmly asks the interviewer to repeat the questions. Answering a question without understanding won’t make you look smart.


Sometimes it’s the jargon used, if you heard the question clearly but you not sure what the word means, indicate that you are not familiar with the word used, and you’d like more clarity, explanation or to use an alternative word.


5. Have A portfolio in hand

If you are going to an interview, and you have prepared yourself, then surely you’ll know if you have any past work related to the interview, it might be an assignment, or a personal project you made, bring it to demonstrate your skills in the field, this will also demonstrate your skill level.

6. Ask Questions

All questions have been aimed at you, now you have a chance too to ask questions, once the interviewer says do you have any questions, start shooting. Asking questions demonstrates your involvement. This should be part of Tip number one, get prepared.

Questions you might want to ask could be, but not limited to:

  • Do you ever absorb any interns after the internship program is finished?
  • What is it that the company does to make sure interns get well equipped and supported through the program.
  • How versatile is the company in the tools it uses, and what’s the latest technology adopted