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Kodeink Group as a Digital Agency understands the struggle of small businesses and startups trying to penetrate the digital market and build strong brands. We try to bridge the gap, by becoming a digital voice and guide on how you can grow your brand and business digitally at your own pace.

We are 100% Black-owned and B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor, and we aim at making a difference.


Why Choose us?

Our promise and commitment is to build beneficial relationships with you in time, and to grow together. We promise to add value to your business, by delivering business solutions that amplifies your growth.

What we offer

Our Values

Value, quality, good communication, commitment, understanding and continuous learning and improvement.

We believe in humility, exceptional customer care and professionalism at all times. We value relationships more than revenue.

Our Mission

To build sustainable, growing and beneficial business relationships with our stakeholders, continuously grow, and improve our quality of work.

Deliver exceptional business solutions, run successful campaigns to create strong awareness of strong built brands, products and services.

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Kodeink Group wants to ultimately become a strong digital voice for local businesses and help them make informed decisions through our analytics, insights, advice, applications, and developed strategies.



Our pride is with the great minds, talents, positive attitude and fun personalities we have acquired as our professional team and growing family.

We are all pieces that complete the KodeinkĀ  puzzle, giving it confidence and ability to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.

To join our talented team check our Careers page, you can also email us your CV for future openings.



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